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Staff encourage children and give them confidence to believe in their ability (Parent)The best thing in this school is how we work together as a team and this team makes one of the best schools ever (Pupil)I am really impressed (Parent)

Castletown Community

Primary School

Derwent Hill 2017


After being stuck behind two tractors (which delayed our journey slightly), we arrived just before lunchtime and were ready to go.  After a hearty lunch, children made their beds and were put into groups.  We all had a tour around the extensive grounds and then began our first activity.  Mr Beck and Mr Perrett's group completed the low ropes course.  Miss Reynolds' group learned about nature and completed team-building exercises.  Mrs Bartley's group enjoyed hill walking and savored the impressive views of Keswick and Derwentwater.  Both Mr Beck and Miss Reynolds' groups completed a night walk this evening, whilst Mr Perrett and Mrs Bartley's groups completed indoor team challenges.


Our first full day and we headed off in our groups.  Mr Perrett's group headed out to Derwentwater to test their team skills on a canoeing adventure.  After a great effort, they made it to One Tree Island and enjoyed a hot chocolate and stunning views.  After lunch, they tested their bravery on the Big Swing.  Miss Reynolds' and Mr Beck's group both reached for the sky on a mountain hike.  It was tough going, but, it was worth it.  They all dug deep and felt immensely proud of themselves after reaching the top.  Meanwhile, Mrs Bartley's group developed their orienteering skills before canoeing on the lake...and jumping in at the end for an icy dip!


More adventures out in the countryside.  Mr Beck's group headed into a lead mine and discovered many facts about geology and geography.  Later, they had great fun completing three orienteering challenges.  Miss Reynolds' group completed the Big Swing and then explored the lead mine.  Meanwhile, Mr Perrett and Mr Richard's groups headed up Whinlatter to view the spectacular sights, learn about nature and test their fitness.  As each day passes, the children are developing their team work skills by communicating effectively as a group.  This was put to good use tonight in the Derwent Challenge.  Here, the children completed five challenges and they needed to work well together and effectively share ideas in order for the challenge to be completed successfully. 


The final full day.  Mr Beck's group headed to Derwentwater for canoeing while Miss Reynolds' group completed a bush craft skills activity (built a fire, toasted marshmallows, made charcoal and drew a picture with it).  Mr Perrett's group went to the lead mine and Mr Richard's group completed the low ropes challenge and Big Swing.  This afternoon, three groups went gorge walking, which was another way for children to develop their communication, team-work and problem solving well as brave the cold water!  Miss Reynolds' group went canoeing.  We finished the day with a disco, table football tournament and before bedtime, watched The BFG.

We're very proud of the children...they have shown Derwent Hill staff just how amazing Castletown children are.  All children will be returning home tomorrow having learnt something new about themselves and developed their confidence, communication and team well as having a whole load of fun!