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Castletown Community

Primary School

Application Letters

To get the jobs of Head Boy/Girl or Deputy Head Boy/Girl, pupils had to write an application letter and were then interviewed.  Here's what our Head/Deputy Head Boys and Girls wrote...

Head Boy Application Letter Head Girl Application Letter
Dear Mrs Lumsdon

I would like to apply for Head Boy/Deputy Head Boy because it would be a great achievement.  I am proud of the school and would like to represent Castletown Primary School.  I have lots of potential that hasn't been seen.  I started having confidence last year in Miss Ni Chomhrai's class and I think I am ready for this responsibility.  I would like to use Miss Ni Chomhrai as a reference for my character.

I think my role would be to teach the younger children how to behave and treat the teachers and other students with respect.  I predict I would help teachers when they ask for assistance.  I believe one of my responsibilities would be to act as ambassador for the school and the local community.

Castletown Primary is special to me because it is the only school I've been to.  All my friends and teachers have been there for me.  Due to this, I would like to give something back.

My qualities are that I am kind, respectful and helpful, not only to the teachers and students of the school, but also to those in the local community.

Yours sincerely

Dear Mrs Lumsdon,

I am writing to you to apply for the job as head or deputy head girl.  Being head/deputy head girl will be an amazing opportunity for me.  The reasons I would like to be one of the head pupils are because I will get to meet the new teachers and people from Ofsted.  Another reason is I get to have meetings with the school council and share ideas to make the school an ever better place.

I think I would be a suitable candidate for the position as head/deputy head girl because I am a kind, hard-working girl.  I also stick in with most things and try new activities and when I start, I stay until the end.  I am friendly and not shy so I can speak to visitors very easily.  I will work very hard and try my best every single day.  I am a bright and happy child so I think I would be a good head/deputy head girl.

If I became one of the head pupils I know all the responsibilities I need to take on.  I need to act my age and set a good example to the younger children.  I will look forward to lots of new challenges and will try my best to achieve them at all times.  I aim to make you very proud.

Castletown Primary is so special to me because we are all friendly and work as a community together.  All of the teachers make sure we have fun lessons and are entertained.  As well as amazing lessons, we get fun after-school clubs.  The teachers work very hard planning our trips to help us learn more.  However, in my opinion, Mrs Lumsdon (you) and Mrs Stevens are the two most important people in our school because it wouldn't be school without you.  We take part in many charities, as in the shoe box and Red Nose Day and do very well showing our kindness.

I really do hope I get the opportunity to represent our school.

Yours faithfully

Deputy Head Boy Application Letter Deputy Head Girl Application Letter
Dear Mrs Lumsdon

I an writing to explain why I would like to be a candidate for head boy.

One of many reasons I would like to be head boy is because it is a great personal honour as I has always aspired to be a leading pupil within the school.  In addition, I believe it's a great role to demonstrate to younger years how to be a good role model.  Also I want to try to influence them to become head boy/head girl in future years.

As head boy I think the role contains a lot of responsibilities such as enforcing the rules of the school and making sure they are followed, which I believe I would be good as because throughout my time at Castletown I have been Golden Pupil twice.  As well as this, the role requires me to help in various different ways, for example showing visitors around our school and this is one of many things I would like to do.

Castletown Primary has played a massive part in my life as it has made me who I am today, which I am grateful for.  Personally, I believe it is not just a school, it is a family that I am extremely proud to be part of and I will never forget my years at Castletown.

One of my biggest qualities that demonstrate I am a suitable candidate is being confident.  This is important to have when being a head boy because I wouldn't be afraid to speak to new people.  Although, the role allows me to progress my leadership skills, it requires me to be a team player, which I believe I am very good at due to taking part in various sporting endeavours.  I would feel privileged to enforce my skills and represent the school for you.

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely

Dear Mrs Lumsdon

I am writing to you today to apply for head girl or deputy head girl.  As a great pupil, I think I would be perfect for this job.

The reason I would be perfect for this job is because I am kind, helpful and an excellent friend up for any job you could think of.  I also enjoy looking after younger children when I have been around school.

I would really like this job because I know that I would make you proud and I know that I am ready for the responsibility you will give me.

I think the responsibility that I will have to take on are taking visitors around the school, helping you and Mrs Stevens out, also deciding whether we should get some new toys for the school yard to play with and what there should be.  But most of all, helping people when they need it and be a friend to anyone.  It is a lovely school to be part of.  The staff, pupils and parents all work together and make a great team to make it a special school.  Also, when I go out and people ask me what school I go to, I say I go to Castletown Primary School proudly.

I also have been a dedicated member of the school choir for 4 years so far and also have played on the netball and football teams for one year each.  

I feel I would be a good ambassador for the school as I take pride in my uniform and always do my best to look smart.  I hope that you would pick me to be head girl or deputy head girl.

Yours sincerely