Grange Road, Castletown, Sunderland, SR5 3EQ

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Staff encourage children and give them confidence to believe in their ability (Parent)The best thing in this school is how we work together as a team and this team makes one of the best schools ever (Pupil)I am really impressed (Parent)

Castletown Community

Primary School

What We Think About Our School


When I started school, I wasn't good with numeracy.  Now I'm an expert at maths.  That's how easy it is to put a smile on my face.


I feel very proud and happy to be here as we help one-another, do fun things to help us learn and have the best kind of learning in our school.  It's the best school I could imagine. 


Everyone is always happy to help.  Everyone is kind and polite to each other.  We also get the opportunity to go and see our Place2Be lady, who will talk to you about a worry, if you have one.  Our school is like a big family, everyone respecting each other.


Our school is great because everyone makes you feel welcome.  The Head teacher and every adult (teachers) are really nice and do really fun stuff.


If you were new, you wouldn't be picked on but people will greet you.  Our school is very kind, caring and we never bully anyone.


The best thing about this school is that you get a lovely school dinner.


The best thing in this school is how we work together as a team and this team makes one of the best school's ever


I am really happy in this school.  If an boy joins this school, they will feel so safe with the children and if they like football, there is a giant football pitch where they can play football.  This school is like a giant family.


I think our school is amazing because all of the staff are really nice and put lots of effort into slideshows and what we do.


At the end of the week we have a Golden Pupil award for the person in the class who has worked hard and improved on either their behaviour or worked hard on their work



I like this school because we have activities and clubs.  We have a lot of opportunities to be in choir, football and netball teams.  Together we make a fantastic team.


You will make lots of new friends on your first day at Castletown Primary School.  Our teachers provide the best of things in the school.  I think people in our school are well behaved and kind.  I think if I was new, I would love it.  If we go on a trip, we get good comments from people and other school teachers.